JOURNALISTS on the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post are going on strike to protect their jobs and your local papers.

Johnston Press, which owns the two titles, has found itself in so-called financial difficulties after it overstretched itself by acquiring paper after paper.

The truth is the company is still making huge profits. However, it still wants more – and its bosses want to give themselves huge rewards for driving the company into the ground.

YP and YEP staff, alongside colleagues at other Johnston titles, are being made to pay for this with their jobs.

Here in Yorkshire we voted to take a stand, against the three redundancies the company is trying to force through in the photographic department, the 15 other redundancies it plans to make, the freeze on staff pay this year, and the refusal to increase the redundancy terms on offer from two weeks pay to three – in line with what some colleagues have already received.

Staffing levels on the two papers have already been cut by a policy of non-recruitment and journalists’ workloads are increasing all the time. We believe that if these 18 redundancies go through they will have a permanent effect on the future quality of your local papers, papers which have served Yorkshire for hundreds of years.

Management has already done away with more than a century’s tradition by deciding to print the YEP outside of Leeds – losing dozens of printing jobs, too.

Don’t let them bring further damage to these two historic titles.

Please support the Yorkshire strikers, and write or email your concerns to:

John Fry
Chief Executive
Johnston Press PLC
53 Manor Place
or email:

Also to Chris Green
Managing Director
Yorkshire Post Newspapers
Wellington Street
Leeds LS1 1RF
or email:


2 Responses to “”

  1. Richard Edwards Says:

    I now declare the comments section officially open. Start posting away comrades. Let’s make this the biggest and best strike the modern newspaper industry has ever seen.

    See you out front tomorrow. Rich.

  2. alan cameron Says:

    What a great day, a great showing and a great message we sent out today.

    It might sound schmaltzy but I was really moved by today, not just by the huge turnout but by the way we stood together, looked after one another, and kept each others’ spirits high.

    I am really, really proud of my colleagues tonight.

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