President praises stand for journalism and calls for ‘vultures to go’

NUJ president James Doherty has contacted the chapels to pass on his support.

In a message received this evening, he said: “I wish to pass on my thanks to all those who have taken action to defend quality journalism in Yorkshire.

“The years of profiteering and mismanagement at the hands of Johnston Press have put these titles at risk, while our journalists are the quality of the products suffer.

“We know that these titles are not safe in their hands. This is not Woolworths. This is not MFI. These are not failing businesses. But the model of mismanagement indulged in by Johnstons, favouring profit over quality, reveals their true intention: to run the titles into the ground and taking every last penny before they go.

“It is time for the government to act to ensure that our industry – and its part in a healthy democracy – is protected from such corporate greed and its negative impact on journalism.

James added: “Although based in Scotland, I was born in Yorkshire and understand the place these titles have in their communities. The message you are sending is clear. It is time for these vultures to go.”


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