Messages of support (1)

I agree with your reasons for striking and wish you all success with your grievances. I worked from 1970 to retirement in 2007 as graphic designer/illustrator.

I’m eternally gratefull for a secure living during the time I was employed and for the penson I should be crippled without now. But it saddens me to see a reputable company reduced to a shadow of its former self by a series of career managers who have rolled through it’s offices like tumbleweed, created havoc and impossible targets for a dedicated staff, and dissapeared to further their futures elsewhere.

What is left throughout the building is still a very professional and workforce. They all have integrity and pride in a job properly completed. They deserve a lot better treatment from those who employ them.

Titus Salt looked after his staff all those years ago, Johnston press management have still a lot to learn in the 21st century.

John Broadley


Best of luck with your principled stand for quality journalism.

The heart and soul has been ripped out of our newsroom because of redudancies – so I completely sympathise.

Carl Brown, Chief Reporter, East London Guardian


Good luck with today everybody. Nice day for it. Stay strong and together and I am sure you will get a result. The industry needs more people like you who are prepared to make a stand.

Steve Usher FOC Express Newspapers


I’d just like to offer a message of support to you all on behalf of the Scottish & Universal Newspaper’s  NUJ group chapel. We are part of Trinity Mirror, so do not have our problems to seek, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what the next 12 months hold for any of us.

Well done, from all of us, for standing up for what we know to be right. We’re thinking about you!

Mike McLean
Group FoC
S&UN chapel



Best wishes for a swift and positive outcome.

Yours in unity,

Phil Widdows
(Lancashire Evening Post)

As a previous CEN journalist I welcome your effort to take a stand and just wanted to say good luck for today!!

Becky Findley


Best wishes from all at the NUJ chapel at BBC Oxford, hope the strike does the trick.

Andy Gordon
BBC Oxford


Well done! We have to stand up for quality journalism.

It seems to me that our bosses care nowt (or know nowt) about proper local journalism. They seem to be in a panic and have no idea how to tackle the future.
The LEP chapel has already warned that compulsory redundancies here in Lancashire will be met with a vote for action.
I was sorry to hear about the threat to the local papers in Leeds. Local papers are a vital part of every community and especially important to those people who don’t use the internet.

Good luck in keeping the papers alive and vibrant.

Penny Locke


Best of luck in fighting the good fight.


Roy Mincoff
Legal Officer
National Union of Journalists

Best of Luck – if that’s the right word! – for your action from NUJ here in Guernsey.

BBC Guernsey
Just a quick note of support, I work at the Dewsbury Reporter and saw you all outside your offices on my way into work this morning, doing a great job!
We’re facing redundancies too so we’re happy to support your strike and the chapel here are refusing any work that comes our way from Leeds.


Dewbsury Reporter
Just to wish you all the best with the strikes in hopes you push the company back at least some way from the job slaughter they plan.


Phil Sutcliffe (London Freelance Branch/Freelance Industrial Council/National Executive Council)

Offering support to everyone on strike and  I hope the paper is being affected . I am sure all other JP Chapels are  there in spirit.
Don Mackglew
Assistant Organiser – Publishing Department
Sorry I can’t be with you today ,

I will be with you next Thursday ,

Keep up the good fight ,

Best Wishes

Gerry Harper

Good luck…….pob dymuniad da.

Greetings and support in your struggle from your colleagues in Edinburgh and District Branch.
If there is anything more we can do to help just let us know.
Pat Herd
Branch Sec, Edinburgh & District NUJ
I did my work experience at the YP in my first year at university and I’m really sad to hear about the redundancies. The same has been happening at my work, the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian in east London, but at least you guys have the balls to all stand up together and fight it. Everyone here just takes it lying down.
Keep fighting the good fight!
Crystal Wilde
Wanstead and Woodford Guardian
Hats off to you all from your colleagues in Bristol. We are full of admiration for your determined stand. Savage cuts are being made in regional newspapers across the country but few have the courage and the discipline to stand against these moves in the way that you have.

Your resolve not to take the damage inflicted on you by your management gives you every chance of reversing some of that damage. It also sends a signal to employers all over the country that NUJ members will not lie down and be trampled over.

More power to your elbows.

Paul Breeden
Treasurer, Bristol Branch NUJ

Too few journalists it seems these days are prepared to stand up and fight, as management attempt to walk all over them.
Good luck,
Andy Stenton (Thomson Reuters)
Dear all – as an ex-YP staffer, still proud to be an NUJ member even after taking the PR shilling, this is just a personal message to wish you all well and good luck. I know what it’s like to be taking industrial action on newspapers. For more practical support, if there’s a fund I can make some contribution to, please let me know.

This has to be a personal message, as my job as a comms manager within Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council – primarily for regeneration and helping companies create jobs – is politically sensitive and, to be cynically blunt, I need your newspapers to help create jobs in Rotherham. But it’s no less sincere for all that.

Best regards to you all.

Clark Herron
ex-denizen of the YP business desk


My name is Tony Richardson I am a member fo the Bakers Union and the West Yorkshire LRC Branch I am taking this opprtunity to send you a message of support and wish you well in your struggle, Please be assured you are not alone and have the support of many comrades across the region, I live in Wakefield and will try to come to join you on the picket line next week.
In Solidarity
Tony Richardson
Bkers Union
West Yorkshire LRC
Wakefield Trades Council
On behalf of the 50-strong chapel at the Bolton News and Bury Times in Lancashire, we applaud the stance you are taking and the commitment you are showing to safeguard jobs.

Many journalists who have been forced to endure a series of redundancies, cutbacks and constant, crippling savings are now reluctant to take any industrial action in pursuit of their livelihoods.
But in your case, it takes guts, bravery and pride in your jobs and career to take this industrial action in the face of such attacks on your colleagues.
We at Newsquest (Bolton-Bury) know all about job losses etc and I know that your action will be an inspiration to other chapels up and down the country. The best wishes of my chapel are with you all.
David Thomson,
Bolton News-Bury Times NUJ FoC.


Please convey my best wishes to the Yorkshire NUJ members currently on strike fighting to preserve their jobs and the future of journalism. Our thoughts are with you in your struggle – we empathise with you as we were on strike last year over pay and are currently fighting the same battles as you over editorial restructuring. Keep up the fight.

Milton Keynes Citizen Chapel
Congratulations on your action – it is obviously incredibly well organised. I am loving that you even got a message of support (I think we can call it that) from royalty. I look forward to seeing how thin the YP is tomorrow, I won’t be buying a copy obviously. Very brave striking under the threat of redundancies. You are an inspiration to everyone. Hope you’re enjoying your donated barrel of beer, you all really deserve it.

Sarah Walsh (former NUJ member at Bradford)
Good luck – and enjoy the fresh air outside the bunker!
Keep going, keep cheerful.
Warm wishes,
Rob Ackroyd


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