Messages of support (2)

All the best in your strike action from an NUJ member at Al Jazeera English in Washington DC!


Very sorry to hear about job cuts and fully support your strike, even
though it may bring hardship to members.  I’m sure loads of us NUJ members
are fully behind your brave action.

All the best
Barbara Bloomfield


Hi folks,

A message to you to offer support for your decision to go on strike in these very difficult times.  I hope the management finally take notice that making people compulsorily redundant is unacceptable and re-think their plans.

Dave Schaffer
NUJ Father of Chapel
BBC News Interactive – England SBJs
The Mailbox

I am impressed by the depth of solidarity among members at the Yorkshire Post group and the geographical spread of the strike.  I hope you continue to get good support from colleagues and the public, and that your action leads to a change of attitude and negotiations with management, and that any compulsory redundancies can be avoided.

Best wishes

Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman
Branch Secretary


Wishing you the best of luck with your strike. Let’s hope the need for such drastic action at two of your group’s biggest titles will demonstrate to the company just how strongly you feel – and how serious their proposed cuts are for the future of these two important newspapers.
Amanda Greaves,
NUJ member,

All the best with the dispute. Hope to try and join you on the picket tomorrow.


Mick Swales

Office of Gerry Sutcliffe MP


Hi, guys
Just treat it like a “four-day Test match” and imagine you’re Geoff Boycott opening the batting, your sole intent to grind the ********
into the dust.
Thinking of you in these troublesome times.

Frank Horsley, FoC

on behalf of Worthing Herald chapel


To NUJ members at the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post.
Just a short e-mail to let you know that you have my support.
Huw Davies
Chair, NUJ Book Branch
Best wishes in your defence of jobs and standards in journalism at a time when newspaper managers are using the recession as an excuse to wield the hatchet – while milking the profits from journalists’ hard work.
You have the wholehearted support of the NUJ chapel at the Western Morning News/Herald newspapers, Devon and Cornwall.
Neil Young (FOC)

The Netherlands branch of the NUJ expresses its solidarity and support with you all and your strike actions to protect jobs and titles.

I don’t think we have any freelancers doing any work for the YP or YEP but we will let members know about not supplying any copy during the strike actions.

Good luck and success in getting the Johnstone Press to change their proposals.

In solidarity,

Guy Thornton
(Netherlands branch chairholder)
Dear colleagues,

Just a brief line to wish you luck in your action to protect jobs.

Best wishes,

Amanda Kendal

(from a Unison e-mail address)
From redundancy-torn Bristol – best wishes to the Leeds lads & lasses (are we still allowed to say such things?)
Keep up the defence of jobs!

Mike Jempson (Bristol NUJ branch)
Director, The MediaWise Trust
Visiting Professor in Media Ethics, Lincoln University

Dear strikers and fellow Johnston Press colleagues,

I salute your action and your determination to take on a company that has failed miserably to safeguard good newspapers in its headlong rush for media domination. I wish you good heart over the days of your strike action – and a successful outcome.

In solidarity,

Norma Prendiville,

MoC, Limerick Leader, a Johnston Press group paper,

Chair, Irish South West Branch and Vice-chair, Irish Executive Council



On behalf of the NUJ Chapel at the BBC in Hull and the East Yokshire Branch (which I chair), we wish you every success in your dispute – you are 100% in the right.

We too are concerned at the constant attacks on journalism, especially in the regions. I’ll ask our secretary if we can make a donation to your strike fund on behalf of the East Yorks branch.

It was good to have Pete Lazenby on our Breakfast Show today live from the picket line and I didn’t use the Yorkshire Post in my usual paper review on the show (I normally mention a YP story)!

Best wishes,

Andy Comfort,
FoC, NUJ, BBC Hull,
Chair, East Yorkshire Branch, NUJ.

May we wish you success in your strike action over the next four days.

It is vital, now more than ever, that we resist attempts by media owners to cut editorial content and jobs, whether as a bid to increase profits or as a ‘belt tightening’ measure in difficult times. It is always a false economy that runs the real risk of downgrading the news content of newspapers to the extent where they are  no longer viable at all, when what is needed is editorial investment

Well done for standing up for quality journalism and editorial jobs – and more power to your collective elbow.

Best wishes
Tony Braisy


Make the bankers redundant not the newspaper workers
from BBC Monitoring


From Dublin …

Best of luck to all the journos taking industrial action in Yorkshire.
Keep up the fight. We’re thinking of you here in Dublin.
Ken Murray
Pol. Corr INN Radio News
Good luck in your efforts. We’ve got our own problems up here – bringing in centralised subbing – but they haven’t got round to compulsory redundancies yet. It’s the off-hand manner in which they so casually wreck people’s lives that angers most!

Best wishes from Falkirk chapel and Forth Valley Branch
Duncan McCallum

Dear YEP and YP NUJ members
I write in support of  your action this week to highlight the poor management practices of Johnston Press and the threats to the jobs of skilled workers in Leeds who provide an important service to the region.
Having helped to pay for the off-the-job training of one of their reporters on another of their papers when they were too mean to do so, I have a personal interest in getting this company to face up to its responsibilities to its committed, hard-working and under-remunerated staff.
Good luck with the picketing, hope you get lots of coverage and support and that the sun shines on you!
Vivienne Rivis
Hi all at the YP and YEP,
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your campaign against job losses.
If you keep on pushing they just might decide to agree to what you want.
As you are such a big paper, if you managed that, it would give hope to lots of other local papers facing cutbacks.
I believe your actions are directly contributing to the future of decent, needed journalism.
Jennifer Coles

We want to send you our 100% support for your action. We are two Yorkshire-based ex-national newspaper freelances, life members of the NUJ, and daily readers of the Yorkshire Post, who are appalled at the way regional newspapers are now treating their staff.

We have been on strike on both a regional and a national newspaper in our time so understand all that is required to agree to withdraw labour.

As our son is also a journalist in London, where many redundancies have also already been made, with more threatened, we have both personal reasons and wider principles which support the strike.

Sorry we cannot support you financially – as all freelance payments from national newspapers have now been cut, times are hard!

Best wishes and best of luck,

Lynne Greenwood and Andrew Collomosse

Hebden Bridge


Hi there,

Just wanted to send you the support and good wishes from NUJ members here at the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

We had about 30 redundancies over Christmas and January in various departments. Four jobs went in editorial although we were lucky enough to have volunteers.

But when the axe falls again there may not be enough people wanting to go voluntarily.

However, there have been some victories for chapels around the country who have fought redundancies.

So good luck to you and your colleagues and all the best for a positive outcome in Leeds.


Jane Yelland
MOC Huddersfield chapel


Hope you accomplish increased salaries in real terms, no redundancies and whatever training is needed.
Helen Gavaghan

Congratulations on your magnificent stand! Full support from “Rotherham Advertiser” Chapel. We have done a collection and will be sending it along to the picket line. Today we are holding a Chapel meeting with a speaker from the Leeds Chapel.

Yours fraternally,

Phil Turner FoC


All the very best to you all in your current struggle against your hypocritical employer and their contribution to the failure of capitalism.


Linda Muir

UNISON Regional Officer


Best wishes for your strike action starting tomorrow. The whole union is watching; your brave and principled action will be an inspiration to other members. I wish you a swift victory!
In solidarity
Sam Southgate
Former Joint FoC, Newsquest York NUJ Chapel


Best wishes for a successful action from the South Wales Evening Post chapel, Swansea branch and the Wales Executive Council of the NUJ. let us know what assistance we may be able to give.
Ken Smith
Chapel rep at the Evening post, Swansea branch Secretary and Chairman Wales NUJ executive council on behalf of all three bodies.


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