Messages of support (3)

I’m writing from the NUJ’s Evening Echo / Irish Examiner Chapel in Cork which has about 180 members.

Glad to see ye are fighting the fat cats,which is happening just as we are gearing up here to resist a pay cut proposal and efforts by our employers to reduce staffing through career breaks and other ‘restructured’ working arrangements.

Best of luck to all involved in the campaign,


Niall Murray
Committee Member

NUJ Evening Echo / Irish Examiner Chapel
Republic of Ireland


Good luck in your quest to keep the fourth estate decent, honest, truthful and accountable
All the very best
Philip H, Leeds
Warm greetings of solidarity from Scotland.We are fully behind your action opposing compulsory redundancies in Yorkshire.

While seeking cuts, JP management in Scotland are negotiating with the daily and weekly group chapels to avoid any compulsory redundancies and to minimise any job losses at all. The NUJ should always demand nothing less than full consultation and negotiation not just on the numbers and terms of those going but the conditions for the members who remain with less colleagues to do the work.

To fight is to win, to do nothing is not an option.

best wishes

Paul Holleran
Scottish Organiser
on behalf of the NUJ Scottish Executve council, Scottish office staff and the all-Scotland joint F/MoCs committee.


Greetings brothers, sisters and hermaphrodites
Hope it’s not too cold for you out on the picket line. Despite being soft Southern b******s we know the bad side – and the good – of striking in winter.
Last year we made a stand over pay in Milton Keynes and despite the cold out on the pavement we were kept warm with the support of people in the community and the comradeship of fellow members.
We also knew that those still working inside were actually the ones left feeling out in the cold.
People will tell you action like this does not make a difference but it does.
After our little local difficulty our chapel grew by 35 per cent with those joining seeing just how important the union is these days. The fact you gained members BEFORE going out is registered by Edinburgh.
Anyway better go, fat cat profits don’t just make themselves.
Good luck, keep warm and keep going.
Steve Larner
FOC  on behalf of the Milton Keynes NUJ Chapel
PS  A donation to keep you in flat caps and your whippets fed is on its way after a whip-round at our Chapel Meeting.


Best wishes for your ongoing campaign.

Bernard Jones

Derbyshire Times Chief Photgrapher


Hello fellow NUJ-ers,
I just wanted to send you all my support – well done for standing up for your jobs.
As redundancies continually seem to be proprietors’ answer to their financial “problems”, it’s good to hear about fellow journalists fighting for themselves and the profession.
Best wishes from Cardiff,

Sarah Hughes
Senior Designer/Sub-editor
Media Wales


I’m going to come up and show my face on your picket line mid-morning tomorrow (Sat). I hope a couple of other members of my chapel will be doing the same -Hope all is going well – we are thinking of you!
All best wishes, Doncaster Free Press Chapel



4 Responses to “Messages of support (3)”

  1. Gillian Price Says:

    All the best for the campaign – from a lone freelancer on the not-much-warmer continent.

  2. Teresa Robins Says:

    A big THANK YOU to you all for demonstrating for all our benefit to stop this wanton reduction in quality and information in our newspapers. I represent freelance journalists across Europe on the Freelance Industrial Council and I have today sent your link to all of them so they too can lend their support to your efforts.

    It is very much appreciated by us all.

    Teresa Robins
    FIC – Continental Europe

  3. Jo Hoden Says:

    Hi All,
    Just sending my warmest wishes to you all,Im a freelance photographer in France,and I can hear you!….:0)
    Good work,wish I could do more,just to let you know ,thinking you are doing a grand job out there.Keep warm

    Jo Hoden

  4. peterfieldman Says:

    As a member based in Paris I totally share your grievances and offer my support. Given the abuse of power by the boardrooms of media companies over the past decade I have always been surprised that there have been no calls for a national strike.
    However the crisis has shown that it is a problem shared throughout the corporate and financial sector where bosses have divided up the national earnings cake between themselves leaving crumbs for everyone else. Change must come but the Government has to lead the way.

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