The Peoples’ Strike

The near-deserted Evening Post and Yorkshire Post newsroom echoed to the sound of hundreds of honking horns today as the people of Leeds took the strike right into their hearts.

Day one’s brilliant picketing, coupled with the great coverage on the local and national news, meant that word had well and truly got round about why so many journalists had withdrawn their labour.

Only a tiny number of passing vehicles declined to toot in support of the strikers, with hoot after hoot sending a loud reminder to management of the NUJ’s proud and solid stand.

Scores of passers-by also signed the strike petition.

Sources from within the newsroom told strikers that the tiny number of staff working were getting a stark reminder of just how much effort goes into producing a newspaper every day, with regular calls being made to a senior staffer for guidance on how the editorial systems work.

Some strikers had braved seriously sore heads to be back on the line for 7am today, after putting a
in a long shift at strike HQ, The Old Steps, where the post-picket atmosphere was bouncing last night.

Entertainment this afternoon was to be provided by a breakdancing crew and a steel pan band.

Reports were so far unconfirmed that YEP FoC Pete Lazenby was to demonstrate his party piece of spinning around on his head, with YP FoC Pete Johnson accompanying him with a spot of human beatboxing.



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One Response to “The Peoples’ Strike”

  1. Miles Says:

    Inspirational stuff brothers and sisters.

    Here’s a blog of support from a Manchester PR NUJ member:

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