Sunday Shining

Sunday, the week’s most mysterious and beautiful day, and yet another great stint out on the picket line.

NUJ members were up with the joggers and those who hadn’t made it home from the night before, holding the line from 9am in sunshine that, now and again, offered a hint of welcome warmth.

As on every previous day, the horns honked away, Wellington Street surprisingly busy for a Sunday morning, while the pickets welcomed visits from Don, of the Wakefield chapel, and the ever-staunch Johnson clan. We’re also overwhelmed with messages of support, many thanks for them all – do keep them coming – and we’ll look at getting them all posted on here as soon as.

Not sure what it is about Sunday, but the day does have an unusual, laid-back feel about it, today being the same, the four-hour picket stint we had timetabled in meandering by happily, passers-by stopping to chat and sign the petition, some in worse states than others. Special mention goes to the dishevelled bloke in the black suit who was still enjoying his night out at 11am, couldn’t remember where he’d been, didn’t even bother trying to recall what the date was, and gave the strikers a gift of a plastic Miss Piggy.

Tomorrow, for any 8am starters on the YEP, and anyone else who would like to join them, we’ll all walk back in together, in solidarity, for the start of our shifts. It’s really important we do this, to underline what we’ve achieved so far and to distinguish tomorrow from just another working Monday. See you at the main car park entrance at 7.55am.

There’s work to do still – but be proud of what we have all achieved so far. A truly memorable strike by a great NUJ joint chapel.

Love and respect, Rich.


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