Man those Barricades……….

…….Because we’re back out from Thursday to Sunday.

Despite your chapel officers putting together what we felt were an inventive, constructive set of proposals to take into management today, they were rejected out of hand.

If anything, Chris Green had hardened his position, effectively saying that the 15 redundancies had to go ahead no matter what was put forward by the joint chapel.

For the record, the package we put on the table included, among other things, members accepting two weeks redundancy money, with the third to be deferred into the next financial year, and an idea for staff to be offered sabbaticals, to save the company a bit of brass in the short term.

Chris had the cheek to praise our “creativity,” given that management have shown little of that quality themselves, before saying that some of our ideas may be useful in future, but would make no difference to the plan to put 15 people out of work now.

Later, a packed and lively chapel meeting, attended by NUJ full-timer Jenny Lennox, saw members agree their next moves. The effect of the recent strike was clear to see, people had a relaxed, even casual confidence, born from the buzz of being a part of an organised, motivated and collectivised group of workers.

Full details of what was agreed at chapel will appear here tomorrow. As I write, members are busy giving up their own time to make the second strike as good, if not better, than the first. We continue.

In Solidarity, Rich.


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