Star author remembers her origins

BLOCKBUSTER novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford has remembered her professional origins in a message to striking journalists in Leeds.

Ms Taylor Bradford, who now lives in New York, was born in Upper Armley, Leeds.

According to her website, she started work as a typist for the Yorkshire Evening Post when she was 15.

Within six months, as a 16-year-old, she had become a cub reporter in the newsroom.

“It was because I was such a bad typist and was ruining so much of their expensive paper!” she said, but by the time she was 18, she’d risen to become the paper’s woman’s editor.

In her message to the Leeds journalist, she wrote: “I am saddened and appalled to think that the much loved Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post might actually disappear.

“I started my newspaper career on the Yorkshire Evening Post when I was a young girl and I certainly stand behind the journalists now on strike because of the redundancy threats.

“Their fight to save local newspapers is truly a valid one. It would be a sorrowful day for everyone in the UK if regional newspapers were no longer published. I can only say to those journalists who are striking ‘fight the good fight and pray to win.’ I’m rooting for you!”



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