Friday: Strike Day 6

Visitors making their presence felt on the picket line on Friday 27 February included:

  • Hilary Benn MP
    Colin Challen MP
    Fabian Hamilton MP
    Colin Burgon MP
    Cllr Keith Wakefield
    Harry Gration (BBC TV)
    Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos)
    Foxwood Steel Bandits
    Mc ill-Literate & Ms Sykes
    And others.
  • There was also a very upset Evening Post [sales]man, who was unable to sell his remaining 197 papers due to lack of public interest.

    To view Strike Day 6 Video click here.

    To view all Leeds NUJ strike videos click here.

    A big thank you to everyone taking hold of the microphone to record simple snapshot conversations [meaningful or meaningless] with your friends on the picket line. These will only be used as a soft contrast to the colder official politics if we put together a post-strike documentary; not for Youtube.

    Any offers to volunteer such help over the next couple of days will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂



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