Village Idiots

Interesting, being out there on the picket line.

Inevitably, you see all forms of human life pasing by, and, as stated on here before, the vast majority have been massively supportive of the strike, signing the petition, honking their horns and promising to contact management to outline their reasons for opposing the job cuts.

Inevitably, though, a few numbskulls go past as well, chucking a range of abuse our way that is made hilarious by the fact that it is so completely unoriginal and unfunny.

The basic is the good old British V sign. I’ve spotted only a few of these, one good one today where the fat, sweaty bloke who flicked it ended up embarrased when his car got stuck in traffic just a few yards on, meaning I could walk up and offer him a leaflet again. This time, his eyesight seemed to have gone dodgy, as he was only able to stare straight ahead and couldn’t see me at all.

Even better was the young scally who dropped his trackie bottoms to show us all his scrawny, spotty backside. Good to see the moon is still in use, as I thought that one had fallen out of favour about 20 years ago.

The absolute best though have to be the total dimwits who shout ‘get a job.’ Perhaps there’s more to their joke than I’m realising, but more likely I’d be wasting my time to try and explain that the reason I’m standing outside my place of work is that I already, erm, have a job.
The “get-a-jobbers” are right up there with my favourite piece of abuse from a punter, when I was on a story up in Seacroft. An emaciated bloke, slurping a can of speccy brew from a deckchair in his bomb-site front “garden” at 10.15am, shouted over; “You’re scum you are. Why don’t you go and get a proper job.” Priceless.

Today, as with all of the preceding seven, nearly all of the punters showed us wonderful, and inspiring support.

The cars heading to the Leeds Rhinos game were full of our readers, hundreds of them taking leaflets from the pickets working the flyover area. Well done Lavers, Olwen and Tony G there. Thanks also to all those who turned out today, another great show on a chilly Sunday.

Immediately after leafleting I told Grant and Fi we’d given out “thousands.” Think that was tiredness and Boro beating Liverpool 2-0 playing tricks on my brain. Knew resisting seeing the scores would pay off eventually.

A successful phase one complete then. Your chapel officers will update you as soon as, hopefully tomorrow, about the next steps.

Until then, Happy Sundays. Rich.


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