The Leeds Spring

First hint of the season changing this morning – then winter bit back as the snow started to fall in the afternoon.

Sensibly, the pickets were well wrapped up, prepared for the worst of the weather, as they dug in and put in their latest big effort out on that line.

Today’s raiding party went out to the east coast, paying our friends at the Scarborough Evening News chapel a visit and taking a big pile of petition forms with them.

Not a lot has been heard of them since, so maybe they’re still relaxing with a chip butty and a lemon top, the must-have snack for all Teessiders making their annual trip to the seaside.

Back in Leeds, members of the public were handed a new leaflet, explaining why the YEP and YP have still been coming out, despite nearly all the paper’s journalists having withdrawn their labour.

For those that don’t know, PA has been running a strike-breaking operation, something the NUJ in Leeds has launched a campaign against, with more to follow.

A big thanks to our friends at the PCS for printing the leaflets up, and entertaining the boy while they were hastily worked up on the computer.

Your chapel officers can’t say it enough – massive thanks to all the pickets for their determination and dedication. See you back at the coalface tomorrow, ready to produce a proper YEP and YP.

In solidarity, Rich.


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