From North Face to Caribbean Corner

The North Facers got their reward on Friday – as their exposed spot turned into a suntrap and the rays shone down. So warm was the sun the members up there had renamed it Caribbean Corner, let’s see how long that new name lasts during the unpredictable month of March.

This time, the respect was due to the tough crew parked on the corner, near the traffic lights, which was cast in the permanent cold shadow of the YEP/YP building.

Union members kept a strong presence outside all day on Friday, dishing out copies of the latest campaign leaflet, which features the legendary Barbara Taylor-Bradford, one of our star supporters.

The numbers swelled throughout the afternoon, ready for the 4pm chapel meeting which was hosted by our friends at the PCS union. Many thanks to them, and apologies to Councillors Mark Dobson and Geoff Driver, who arrived at the YP building only to find it deserted. My oversight, I forgot to let them know, thanks to them both for their continued support.

Plenty from the meeting adjourned to the oasis that is The Old Steps. The atmosphere in there was electric, people ready to let off a bit of steam but also buzzing from another great day’s action.

I called it a night at nine, but on the way home was called to the pub by a couple of colleagues, to a party I’d completely forgotten about. Cheers to the missus for sanctioning that one.

The high jinks meant getting up for today’s picket was challenging, to say the least. I managed to get there for 8.30am, and found a bit of industrial action to be a miracle hangover cure.

Cheers as always to those who turned out, see you back at the funny farm on Monday. We’ve requested a chapel meeting in the building at 4pm, and will, of course, let you all know as soon as we get a response.

Finally, no scores to avoid this Saturday as Boro play tomorrow, away at Everton in the FA Cup quarter finals. Come on lads, do it for the strikers……….

Take it easy one and all. Rich.


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