Showdown in the Street

Johnston Press senior executives had an early-morning wake up call when Leeds strikers paid them a breakfast time visit.

Directors were meeting City analysts to discuss the latest result, and YP and YEP members were able to doorstep chief executive John Fry and finance director Stuart Paterson on their way in.

To their credit, the two men spoke briefly to the strikers, although we have yet to hear the content of the conversation.

Sources within the meeting have told this blog that some of the analysts agreed to wear NUJ stickers throughout the meeting, which must have given Mr Fry and his colleagues some continued food for thought.

Well done to the London visitors for such a great effort, and of course to those on the picket line, which is where I head back to now.

More to follow. Rich.


One Response to “Showdown in the Street”

  1. ypwicca Says:

    See this guy’s blog (link above). He seems to think we feel we have a divine right to our jobs! (In our dreams…) A proper public forum about the future of local journalism would give us a chance to properly discuss views like these….

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