Joint Chapel 4pm March 17

Firstly, apologies for the long gap in between posts.

Last Thursday and Friday, back at work, were madly busy days, then I took the weekend off union work to go and watch Doves and then the Boro, live, within a few hours of each other. The gig quality, the match less so.

Today, it was back to business though, the first task to chase up the national union’s legal advice regarding MD Chris Green’s message that anyone taking part in the coming mandatory meetings would not be paid, regardless of whether the meetings go ahead or not.

The advice is still being prepared, but the thing that struck me most about the MD’s threat was that it flew in the face of his own 24-hour cancellation deadline. Now, apparently, no period of notice is acceptable should we want to call any of the meetings off, which seems to suggest Chris wants us to go ahead with all of them.

A joint chapel meeting has been called for 4pm tomorrow, at the usual spot, on the concourse, where this, and the various other bits of business, will be dealt with.

Meanwhile, your chapel officers were today working on the redundancy matrixes, for subs and reporters, with the editors and Catriona from HR.

Various points were raised about the categories on the matrix, with the main point – that the union feels the matrix is an unfair method – again pressed home.

Picking up where things were left last week, the London visitors achieved even more top-draw publicity, with the picture in The Times and the feature on Channel 4. The strike was also featured in today’s media Guardian.

Those who made the journey were cheered into The Adelphi at the AGM, where Rob Preece gave a stirring report of their exploits.

It was the icing on the cake to a great night, with President James making a rousing speech and four of our most loyal and long serving members, Tony Phillips, Quentin Gray, Howard Williamson and Jill Armstrong, received their life memberships.

Now though, it’s back to work, with a massive chapel meeting tomorrow. See you there.


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